At the Car Wash | my 365 | Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer |Snowflake Photography

What to shoot when you are working your way through a 365 project? The answer is everything. I have been keeping my camera close these days and the other day was no different as I took the girls through the car wash. When I was a little girl I would beg my aunt to take me through the car wash and then I would put my head in her lap and scream the whole way through. Once back in the light of the other side of the tunnel I would sit back up and beg to go again. And most of the time she would take me right back through. She had the cleanest car in Natrona. I miss her. And so now when my girls ask to go through I try to remember the joy I had and all of the yesses that blessed my little childhood. And you know what? It was beautiful. The light, the suds, their laughs, their smiles. So you wanna come with me through the wash? I promise there are no screams involved. :) ~ Marisa