My 365 project | Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer | Marisa Magnusen Snowflake Photography

Should you include client work in your 365 photography project? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself and so far I’ve decided to not include it. Now that makes things a little hard because I have been shooting so many days in September that sometimes my personal photography takes a hit. That’s when the good ol iphone comes in handy because I am always taking pictures with it as well. So this month is not my strongest month in terms of this project but still it documents our life in a way. And in the end it’s my project so I get to do what I want, right?

Images 244-273 in my year long project. (and as I look through this month I might call this my warm period)

PS… if you would like to see other artist’s images who are working through such projects I strongly suggest looking at Chloe Lodge , Zoe Wittering , Caroline Liabot , Cindy Cavanagh