3 Elements of a Great Senior Session for Guys | Pittsburgh Senior Portrait | Pittsburgh Photographer Snowflake Photography

There is no doubt that I have awesome clients! Looking back and going through my sessions I made a list of things that made for awesome sessions and things that may have been more challenging. There are certain elements of a guy’s photo session that just make it rock. I thought you might like to see how one of my favorite sessions fit the bill.

  1. A planned out set of outfits! I mean seriously if you show up in a suit or a sports coat you’ve got my attention!


You don’t have to look like someone that you are not but if you’ve ever dressed up and rocked it…. please please share that with me!


2. A trust in my opinion when I offer an urban landscape for its walls. (I lean towards this type of shoot for the majority of my guys)

3. And finally the confidence to share yourself… I mean show me what makes you tick, what are your talents?


So in 2019 I hope to fill my calendar with so many more unique and inspiring teens!

Guys…. bring your A game because I’ll be bringing mine and I bet we can make an awesome team!  Senior portraits are a way to capture you, being you… right here and now at the edge of a doorway, just before you step through.