Two years and Five Sessions | Snowflake Photography, Pittsburgh PA Portrait Photographer

The moment I decided that I wasn't going to use much in the way of props really set me free to find clients that wanted a session that felt like their life. We meet places or I get to see their homes and just spend time with them being themselves.  Not to sound too cheesy but the sessions seem more organic and totally less stressful.  

I have had so may great sessions but one of my all time favorite sessions was this little girl with her great- grandmother when she was still counting her age in months. Now she's turning two! (Do you remember that one?)

Such a sweet little girl.... and a family I consider to be friends.

Two years, a move out of the state, and five sessions later and I still have the honor of photographing them.  I love to see the changes that take place in her little face and the ease at which her parents seem to handle each stage.  

I am thankful for them, thankful for you, and thankful for all of the family, friends, and followers who make Snowflake what it is.  

~ Marisa