The little things | Snowflake Photography, Pittsburgh, PA Portrait Photographer

Everyone says that it's the little things that make this life so sweet.  And by everyone I mean friends, books, movies, quotes..... everyone.  (Okay so maybe I just mean that I hear it quite a bit)  but as it stands the little things are what makes life so blindingly bright and wonderful for me.  The small baby that I delivered into this life, the small crack of light that filters through our curtains leaving shadows of tree leaves on the opposite wall,  the small bit of toothpaste my husband leaves ready on my toothbrush every morning,  the small hands that look for mine in a crowd, the small jewels of fruits and vegetables in our yard, and the small days that are not extraordinary in any other way except for being totally mine.   I know that many of us joke about wanting to see the start of a school year, to get back to a routine, but this non-routine is the plan I like best.  Slow mornings, breakfast on the porch, and endless games played by two little girls so enamored with each other at times that I worry what the disconnect will feel like in the chasm between kindergarten and second grade.  We are enjoying the small things and taking this last bit of a month one day at a time.  I hope things are as sweet for you as well.  


~ Marisa