Angel Images Before and After | Snowflake Photography | Pittsburgh, PA Portrait Photographer

OH my goodness thank you for the overwhelming response!!!  Last week I asked which of the angel images was your favorite.   (See Below) And the winner turned out to be the second image in BW.  This was an image of the angels waiting.  IIt was the overwhelming winner! In second place came the fourth image down with the angels against the light.   I thought you might like to see the before images straight out of the camera (SOOC) as well as my final edit.  (SCROLL DOWN) 

I don't normally do a great deal of dramatic editing. The waiting angel image is a decent example of this. I liked the BW edit because it accentuated the light coming from the top of the stairwell.   But other than removing the color and adjusting a few things, it was a clean and simple edit.    

 The angels against the light was quite different, and because it garnered second place I thought  you might like to see that edit.  I actually knew that I was going to play with that white light before I took the image.  I looked up and saw them there with the light and knew I wanted to try something different.  It's totally not something I do often or ever with a client session but I thought it was fun for this particular moment.  

If you've made it this far through the post.... thanks for checking it out!  

~ Marisa