Love, a mom at the beach | Snowflake Photography | Pittsburgh PA Portrait Photographer

I adore the beach.  I imagine some of the first people standing on the shore, looking out and wondering what was out past what they could see.  On our honeymoon on Petit St Vincent we slept with the sound of waves crashing at the wall that formed the base of our cottage and I felt as though I was somehow in rhythm with the heartbeat of the planet. I know it sounds poetic and probably a bit crazy but it makes me happy.   As we drove closer to the shore I could almost hear the waves speaking directly to me.  The smell of sun block and the feel of salty hair. Sandcastles and wave jumping.  If I lived there would I be as enamored or would I come to take it all for granted.  My girls.... have visited a few beaches on the Adriatic, Caribbean, and the east coast. But this time I felt as though both of them were really able to absorb all that I find enthralling about the shore.    How lucky I have been to have a summer with a few scheduled trips. I tried to catch what I could of this love through the lens and no other instrument could be more connected to my heart with stronger ties so hopefully this gives you a glimpse into the affair. 

~ Marisa