Super heroes come in all sizes | Snowflake Photography | Pittsburgh PA Portrait photographer

When a photographer that I have had the pleasure of getting to know through her work on instagram and on Clickinmoms posted that her son Leo was diagnosed with leukemia last month my heart broke.  It's really no surprise that someone that I have never personally met would have this impact on me.  With each of her images she draws you into her world from her perspective.  Megan Loek's ability to use light and to give you a glimpse into the world of three little boys with dreamy skin tones and timeless moments is a prime example of what photography can do as an art and why so many people follow her on social media. Here is a link to some of her work on her website... just see what I mean. 

So for Leo we took part in a series of photos to show our support for him as he bravely battles this sickness and for his family.  My girls were so taken with the shoot and with the story of Leo that my oldest worked for quite some time on a super hero scene set against a Pittsburgh backdrop.  So from our hearts to a family far away.  Super little girls for a super little guy.  

~ xo Marisa