Hard to photograph... impossible to forget | Snowflake Photography | Portrait Photographer Pittsburgh PA

If I ask my older daughter to wear a dress, sit in a tub of water, climb a wall, dance in a puddle of mud, face the sun or shut off a light.... well she does it.  She is the reason I fell back in love with photograph because she gave me time to hone my craft a bit more.  My littlest..... well she is the challenge to capture but she is the reason that I've gotten better at my art.  She normally sports a serious face and so many of my images are of her contemplating life.  I love every bit of it.  When a family apologizes for a difficult toddler it doesn't phase me in the slightest.  What does tend to worry me is their expectations of the final images.  Do they want what really is or do they want some version of their child that only exists in a frame?  I am lucky that most if not all of my clients look for the former.   

I am also lucky that I am home with this littlest one and I have had the pleasure of photographing her throughout this fall.  The other day on the way home from pre-school I asked her if she would allow me to photograph her.  She originally said no and then just like that, changed her mind.  We stopped at this beautiful building and yard near our home to run around for a bit.  Today she wanted to smile and run and skip.  Today was a true picture of her just as all of the other ones where she is serious.  So here we are between the age of four and five, between the seasons of sun and snow, and in a perfect time where childhood is carefree and safe and she is whomever she pleases to be in the moment.  

~ Marisa